“This year we made $25,000 for our PTA using this Coupon Book Fundraiser. We love how easy it is, how much the kids get excited about prizes and how much money we can make.”

Deann Dahl

Westside Elementary School

Coupon Books

Everybody loves to save money with the Extreme Saver Coupon Book.  Features 100% free highlighted coupons from local businesses plus many other great savings. This full color magazine book is easy to sell, convenient to use and valuable to the end consumer. Comes with access to Mobile Coupons across the upper Midwest. Mobile Pass Coupons included.

Coupon Books Offer

  • Over $1500 Value.
  • $20 Donation to receive over $200 in 100% Free products.
  • No risk – missing books are covered.
  • Online Ordering with Custom Webpage.
  • Pre-sorted Packs – no assembly needed.
  • Instant funds into your account.
  • View coupon books here:


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