“This year we made $25,000 for our PTA using this Coupon Book Fundraiser. We love how easy it is, how much the kids get excited about prizes and how much money we can make.”

Deann Dahl

Westside Elementary School

Creative Kids Projects

Get your students involved in creating a product to use for your fundraiser.  Inspire imagination when creating custom Greeting Cards, Calendars, and Cookbooks.


These make great gifts for family and friends especially when your students are involved in creating them.


  • Each classroom creates their own image for a Greeting Card, Month in Calendar and Cookbook recipes.
  • Creates teamwork while having fun.
  • 5 x 7 Greeting Cards, Regular Size Calendar, and Digest sized cookbooks.
  • Greeting Card packs are 12 each, multiple packs may be available for schools based upon classrooms.
  • Free sample of Greeting Cards available.